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Driving through the night Mark asked me where are we going. I don´t know I replied, but I didn´t want him to stop driving. I still felt that if he stopped, whoever is after me is out there somewhere waiting for me to give them a chance to get closer to me. Now I knew for sure that whatever was going on wasn´t about Rex, Karla or my children. It was only about me.
" So, will you tell me what happened inside your friend´s house? "
" Just don´t stop the car please…"
" I really want to help you Helena, but I can´t unless you tell me the truth."
" What I don´t get is why would you even want to help me, you don´t know anything about me, what if I really…."
" What if you killed the guy?"
" Yes."
" Well then I guess I have no other option than to turn you in."
" Please don´t do it…."
" Don´t worry. I was just kidding. I´d never do that."
" Really? Why?"
" Not long ago, I was in a very similar situation. I know how it feels."
" What kind of situation?"
" I´ll tell you sometime."
Although I was quite curious I didn´t ask him again. I could hear from his voice that he didn´t want to talk about it.
" So, will you tell me where are we going? "
" I…I don´t know, I think I need to get out of town"
" That sounds like a plan. By the way, what´s that in your hand?"
Mark suddenly reminded me I was holding that piece of paper Karla gave me just before I left. I absolutely forgot about it. It was all crumpled up. When I unrolled it I noticed it was a piece of some letter and it said:

…………..and we would recommend you not to hesitate. Those who found you dangerous are already operating to your disadvantage. You can expect them to knock on your door anytime and maybe, they are already in. Make haste Mrs. Kiletski, your time is running out and only if you get in touch with us immediately there may be a chance for you and your family. If you don´t, the chance for you is decreasing with every minute that passes, and chance for your family, twice as fast. Check the address below this note. It will point you the right direction.

Vestre Strandvej 41
6731 Tjæreborg

That must be the letter I left on the table in our living room that night. It said Mrs. Kiletski and there was no signature. Just like the envelope I saw, it didn´t have one either.
Actually, I was glad I didn´t read it that night when I came home and caught Rex cheating on me. I´d probably think it´s some kind of a joke and trew it into garbage. But now I knew it certainly wasn´t and the only way to get my answers was to do what the letter said.
" So? What is it? "
" Do you know how to get to Tjæreborg?"
" Yes I do. I used to work there for a while, it´s a nice village. Aproximately 9 km east of Esbjerg. What do you need there?"
" Answers Mark. That´s what I need."
He turned the car around and we were on our way to Tjæreborg. I never returned to Esbjerg, although there were times I really wanted to see this place again. I wanted to remind myself how it feels to be home. But the place I was needed now was elsewhere. And that place would soon become my new home, only not the way it was meant to be.


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